Wellness and Women was founded to support, guide, and encourage women to actively participate in the care of their whole health and well-being.


The holistic approach is based on the belief that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. When one becomes off balance, it is likely that the others will follow.

Balance is the focal point for Wellness and Women. Kindness to oneself lies at the heart.

What is important to you?

Integrative Health Coaching

We have stories. We would like our story to be a balanced, happy one, yet balance is difficult to perfect as we are not perfect.

Integrative Health Coaching addresses every aspect of your well being.



Private Pilates Sessions

Whether it's in the comfort of your home, office, or a local studio, we can help you build the strength and balance you need. Private Mat Pilates sessions will help you increase muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility. You will work one-on-one with your instructor, who will customize each session to suit your individual needs.

Regardless of your fitness level, we can guide you to a stronger, healthier body and mind.

Your home. Your schedule.




This is what Cherri has been up to:


Biometric Health Screener for Health Fitness Corporation

September 13, 2016

I will now be infusing health education with manufacturing, healthcare, and technology industries as a Biometric Health Screener for Health Fitness. Using my nurse educator background and experience, I will pinpoint personal health risk factors for individuals, including bone density.

Bone Health Ambassador and Blogger for Vibrant Nation

September 13, 2016

I’ve recently been invited to blog and contribute to Vibrant Nation, an international online community and network for women over 45. There, I will be educating and bringing awareness to bone health for the women of this broad community, as well as answering questions and comments. I’m excited for the opportunity to share my expertise … Read More

Group Fitness Instructor at GHN Wellness Center

June 17, 2016

I am instructing barre classes for the Get Healthy Now Wellness Center, University of Louisville. Twice weekly, the faculty and staff at UofL meet to learn the basics of postural alignment, movement coordination, and strength training through barre techniques. The Wellness Center is a corporate client of Health Fitness, a provider of health management and … Read More