Integrative Health Consultant


We have stories.

We would like our story to reveal a balance in life with awareness, resiliency, and happiness. Balance is a challenge as we are not perfectly aligned in all aspects of our life.

Integrative Health Consultations address multiple aspects for well being.


  • Serves as an educator and advisor for the growth of optimal health and lifelong well-being
  • Collaborates with client to establish a plan for wellness goals
  • Creates recommendations and strategies for health behavior changes that align the plan with her present lifestyle
  • Bridges the gap between medical recommendations and her abilities to implement them successfully into her life
  • Provides client with useful mindfulness tools to use daily while pursing a balanced life
As a board certified Holistic Registered Nurse:
  • Consultation will not be a means of diagnosis or treatment of illness.
  • ¬†Additional resources and assistance with medical recommendations can be provided.