I spent a week in Manhattan with Buff Bones® Founder Rebecah Rotstein.

I am now certified to teach the Buff Bones® program!

New York – Chelsea
February 21, 2016

private or group training

Program Objectives
1. offer a deeper understanding of the body
2. achieve better posture
3. apply recognized bone-strenthening techniques
4. enhance muscle tona and improve fascial integrity
5. increase flexibility and joint mobility
6. improve balance
7. reduce risk of falling
8. increase kinesthetic awareness and proprioception
9. boost self-confidence

What is unique about the program design and system of Buff Bones r?
– distinctively uses alignment principles, joint mechanics, fascia and bone research findings
– integrates concepts and movements fo Pilates, functional training and rehabilitation to educate and train the body to be adaptive and resilient
– order and flow are precisely designed with a specific warm-up and progression in line with bone health principles

Who Is The Target Audience?
– anyone who is mobile
-can get down to the ground and back up
– has reasonable balance, steady on two feet
– can be adapted to individuals with, but not limited to, stenosis, rotator cuff strain, or knee issues