Human movement is a lifelong process of refinement.



  • Training your body as an integrated whole with an attentive mind
  • reformer, mat
Exercise repertoire
  • series of exercises on the reformer or mat that simulate functional movements with correct body alignment and balance
  • proper execution requires a mind and body focus
  • continuous modifications of each exercise when necessary
Exercise Protocol
  • number of repetitions for each exercise
  • muscle moves in diverse ways (planes) with a focus on the deep layers of muscles
  • body weight on mat is used as resistance for the muscles springs on the reformer are used as resistance for the muscles
  • improves muscular strength and endurance for each major muscle group in addition to the deeper muscles
  • improves functional fitness, fitness that replicates a function in your daily living activities
  • improves balance, coordination, power, muscular endurance, and posture; may improve cardiovascular endurance depending upon client’s fitness level
  • meets personal needs by tailoring movements to achieve optimal movement mechanics without pain
  • meets clients where they start with restricted mobility
  • meets elite athletes and older athletes where they start in their personal training regimen or sport
  • no age limit
  • expand physical energy
  • move with ease, balance, and grace
  • sustain life activities that matters to the woman